Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The above single street dog in front of Terrorist taken over Taj hotel shows that our street dogs do not FEAR terrorism and also have loyalty to Taj.
He is any day better than our politicians who will not move without security cover, black cat commandos or SPG cover.Z-plus,Z,Y-plus,y the list of cover is endless.
But i will welcome this lonely loyal street dog in my home than any politician.
Do you agree?


Rajendrakumar said...

This is true & our politicians arrive at the site for a post mortem only than to bravely face the situation & assist positively for suitable action required.
This is what happened in Mumbai, where due to so many bottlenecks, the NSG arrived several hours later.
Should we laugh it off!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, a dog is much loved and faithful to you for life. A politician is like a cockroach and should be crushed under the boots.