Thursday, December 18, 2008


Your predecessor has paid his price for his inefficiency as also the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and his Deputy from NCP.Now you are kicked upstairs from Finance to Home though unwillingly. The NSG commandos and some Maharashtra constables have paid with their lives and wounds.But as a former Union Minister of personnel, you know how the bureaucracy functions.Does the BABUDOM IN YOUR MINISTRY has paid any price? I mean the secretary,Addl Secretary etc for their inefficient advise to your predecessor?
I heard your speech at the Lok Sabha while introducing the new bills and i found that the BABUDOM is taking you through the same beaten path. Why the name of TUKARAM OMBLE of DB marg police station(Mumbai) was missing from your reference when you mentioned names of Major Unnikrishnan of NSG and Mr.Karkare and others of Mumbai ATS?A chain mail is doing the round asking one simple question. If you shoot Gold at Olympics one will get 3 crores(He owns his own hi tech shooting range costing 2 crores inside his house!!) while if you get a bullet from Terrorist you get only 25 Lakhs(meaning widow of Mr.Karkare), and i add to that if one captures a terrorist ALIVE while taking 30 bullets on your body and also give your life for your colleagues and country you get ONLY 5LAKHS!! and then forward that mail.Here a lowly Maratha constable, a real man who is fit for Ashoka chakra class I and i hope you will not fail unless of course Raj Thackeray has to intervene on his behalf. We pay more to Rail accident victims than the constables who die in J&K,NORTHEAST,MANIPUR, and various other NAXAL INFESTED STATES.
Again i could see the hand of BABUDOM in the hurry with which 3 IL 76 planes are sanctioned for ARC, a veritable Kargil Coffin scam making use of the delay in launch of plane from Chandigarh. Are there enough pilots to fly the existing IL76 planes in ARC? Why AN 32 could not be launched immediately from Delhi or even a civil aircraft of Indian/Jet air etc accommodated the NSG commandos? With decentralization of NSG deployment , what was the need for IL76 especially three? The real need is that of helicopters at the new places of deployment as we manufacture them at HAL and also light bullet proof vests, night vision goggles (not the DRDO ones)which can really be used at night,light communication equipment,Kevlar coated uniform(the terrorists used phosphorous bombs) and many more standard dress for constables who face terrorists.
The raising of COBRA force of 1000 and equipping them to tackle naxalites is another bungle of BABUDOM. If they have to fight naxalites wearing bullet proof vests (which are so heavy that none wear them) or helmets which are so uncomfortable (again none wear them), then as Home Minister i hope you will look into this aspect of sanctioning of only 10 light special helmets for a force of 1000 !!(due to heavy costs of imports) but sanctioning 3aircrafts which can equip 1 lakh helmets!!!It is here i hope you will show your authority instead of being led on the garden path by BABUDOM OF IAS who get promotion for sacrificing their political masters!!!
a)ADDRESS PROOF b)IDENTITY PROOF are the two items which are required to be provided by everyone to get
1.Ration card (State Revenue office)
2.Driving license (State transport office)
3.SIM card (Private and public sector companies)
4.Voter identity card (state Revenue office)
5.Electricity bill in your name (State electricity and revenue office)
6.Katha of house in your name (state revenue office)
7.PAN card (Central Income tax office)
8.KYC letter for investing (investment companies)
9.passport issue and verification ( Central ministry of External affairs while verification is done by State police)
10.Bank account opening (bank managers on basis of the TWO items) and i do not know what other places these TWO ITEMS are required. But SIM CARDS, DRIVING LICENSE,PASSPORT etc are vital security related items. I do not want to get into the petty corruption involved in issue of these TWO ITEMS. A terrorist or enemy agent always makes use of the petty corruption to skip the Q and get the documents while genuine citizens suffer the corruption.Tiger Memon and his family got their passports issued in 4 hours flat(their files are still missing in External affairs ministry i understand). The problem comes as the issue of these documents are thought of as PREVENTION OF TERRORIST OFFENSES instead of DOCUMENTS WHICH WILL HELP IN INVESTIGATION. I am retired central government employee with Identity card issued by my department the cabinet secretariat.But address proof is required when i change residence from State Government revenue office which requires Katha transfer which is a major corruption item in every state. For renewal of my Driving license and also for passport verification i have to indulge in petty corruption for getting things done as katha transfer rate in Karnataka is rupees 30,000/ a big amount for a pensioner-But for voter PIC i have not bothered to do it because again due to Election Commission not following its own rules in changing old PIC to a new address. It SHOULD BE CHEAPER FOR OUR NATION TO HAVE UNIVERSAL IDENTITY CARD FOR EVERY CITIZEN WITH FINGER PRINTS AND IRIS IDENTIFICATION ALONG WITH PHOTOGRAPHS IN BOTH FRONT AND SIDE VIEW INSTEAD OF 3 IL 76 PLANES.My household helper has come from a neighboring village in tamilnadu and she wants to have a Mobile SIM but cannot get it in her name as her ration card is in her village address.This issue should be your priority and not sanctioning IL 76s if you do not want to go in the way of Mr.Shivraj patil who followed the BABUDOM.
TERRORISTS IN PRISON: When the Mumbai attack happened there was this chorus for POLICE REFORM which actually means is FREE my own POLICE BABUDOM from IAS BABUDOM. Sir, I want to ask you about TERRORISTS especially SUICIDE BOMBERS who are convicted and sentenced to death etc and placed in Prisons.They do not became saints in jail nor can they be reformed like ordinary criminals. THEY CONTINUE TO BE RUTHLESS KILLERS IN JAIL AS THEY WERE OUTSIDE WITHOUT ANY HUMANNESS. In Guantanamo Bay Khalid Shiekh has become Amir of jailed Terrorists and their endeavour is to escape or kill the jail staff by any method.Whether it is Afzal Guru or Bombay blast convicts, Coimbatore suicide bombers, Anjumann church bomb convicts etc, they continue to TERRORISE the jail staff, use petty corruption in jail or even kill as it happened in Coimbatore jail. We give bullet proof vests, AK47s to our commandos but what happens to prison staff? Normally the Prison is headed by a discarded mainline police officer who follows the petty BABUDOM OF PRISON ADMINISTRATION without any interest in jail administration or human rights of its inmates.
You will see that almost all the work of SECURITY INVOLVES THE STATES. One can say easily as the previous Home minister used to do that statistically there are less terrorist incidents than duringNDA regime, or how increased funding has gone to state police for modernisation of police etc. But one big sound and light show(as your congress media head said) just before next election will seal the fate ofUPA and may be even see its disintegration.
FIRE SERVICE personnel.Though they are state government employees,hope you will look into their uniform(whether it is Kevlar coated), whether they have also bullet proof vests and light helmets.
DEAR HOME MINISTER SIR it is your take to make an honest effort in giving Indian citizens SECURITY. It is here i hope you will think of giving pistols or other light arms to retired ARMY ,CRPF,BSF ETC ETC JAWANS who can act as first line of security when any high rise building / civilian targets like railway stations,hospitals, bazars are attacked.


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